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My large family group of 17 persons visited Warsaw from Perth, Australia, for 6 days at Christmas, 2014. We were looked after by Gosia who was absolutely fantastic – so personable, professional and extremely well organised! We did wonderful walking tours of the Old Town and Jewish Warsaw, the Lazienki palace, the Royal Castle and a fantastic pierogi making workshop which Gosia organised from scratch and was a real highlight! Gosia also booked restaurants for us (no mean feat for 17 people!) and organised a spectacular Christmas Eve dinner (Wigilia) for us at the Boutique B & B, ul Smolna 14, Warsaw, which was truly memorable! Nothing was ever too much trouble. Gosia was a delight!


Siamo arrivati a Varsavia alle 13 e su indicazioni dell’ostello siamo andati ad un loro tour inerente la parte comunista della città.
Alle 19 eravamo al loro tour della città vecchia e alle 10 del giorno dopo al loro tour di Praga.
Insomma, grazie a loro in una giornata e mezza siamo riusciti a vedere gran parte delle cose che ci interessava vedere a Varsavia.
Sono molto preparati e disponibili!
Un bel modo di scoprire la città con la guida di un locale!


Con mia moglie abbiamo fatto due tour con Break in Warsaw (Luoghi del comunismo e la Varsavia ebraica) e devo dire che sono stati un ottimo modo per scoprire una città altrimenti complicata da capire. La nostra guida è stata entrambi i giorni Małgorzata, chiara professionale e simpatica. Non potevamo chiedere di più. Sempre con lei abbiamo poi fatto anche una visita a pagamento di un giorno intero.
Insomma se intendete visitare Varsavia non potete mancare un tour con Break in Warsaw.


Have been on a guided tour twice now and will go more as everytime the experience is fun,suprising and informative. After 9 years living in Warsaw it is great to get to know the city from a totally different side!!!


Me and my partner were looking for a structured yet inexpensive guide to Warsaw as it was our first visit. Wojtek was very informative, kind and even took us to a cafe for a pit stop on our tour! The tour highlighted very interesting features of Warsaw that we would have certainly otherwise missed.


I highly recommend it, you will learn a lot about the history of the city, the guide I took it with (Kasia) she is so nice, she knows a lot and she explained everything to us (It was only three of us) and she even had some pictures. Don’t hesitate about it, you’ll like. Just arrive with a good attitude and get ready to walk!


Last week I hosted in Warsaw a group of several people from all over Europe. To help us relax a bit from the hardships of our typical business meetings, we decided to book Communist & Jewish Warsaw tours. It was absolutely spot-on! Catrin is a fantastic guide and does not avoid answering to difficult questions from people with some historical knowledge. Both tours ended in climatic restaurants, “U Szwejka” and “Oberza pod Czerwonym Wieprzem” recommended by the Break in Warsaw owner. There we were able to share impressions of the tours late into the night with richly laden tables of Polish specialties!


Sans osez le demander. Kasia vous répondra. Toutes les facettes que Varsovie recelle, Kasia vous les dévoilera. Toutes les beautés que cette ville défigurée garde jalousement, Kasia vous les révelera. Toutes les rives de la Wisla, Kasia avec vous les abordera. Tous les parcs Kasia vous les ouvriera. Si il ne fallait pousser qu’une porte pour en ouvrir mille, ce serait celle de Kasia à Warszawa. Merci pour toutes les anecdotes(celle de la maison Gerlach était hilarante), nous avons beaucoup apprécié tout ce que vous avez fait pour nous. A trés bientôt à Varsovie vous nous avez donné le goût d’y revenir.


Der Tip Trip ist sehr empfehlenswert! Unsere Stadtführerin war sehr gut vorbereitet und hat sehr gutes Englisch gesprochen. Sie hat uns viele Gebäude aus der kommunistischen Zeit und deren Bedeutung gezeigt und auch mal den ein oder andere private Empfehlung, was Restaurants, Bars etc. betrifft. Der Trip dauert ca. 2 Stunden und ist sehr informativ und spannend! Am Schluss tippt man die Stadtführerin nach eigenem Ermessen.
Hat uns sehr gut gefallen!!


Jestem zachwycona kolejną wycieczką rowerową prowadzoną przez Gosię Ruszkowską. Mieszkam na Ochocie od urodzenia i dopiero po kilkudziesięciu latach odkrywam ją na nowo, Ochotę, której nie znałam. Gosia jest pasjonatką i jej zapał do poznawania różnorodnych zakamarków, zakątków, zaułków,za… szybko udziela się uczestnikom. Po jej oprowadzaniu, a raczej objeżdżaniu chce się więcej i więcej. Nie można się doczekać kolejnej wyprawy. Gorąco polecam!

Jola Grabowska