Jewish Warsaw – Tour Through the Deserted City

In the 19th century Warsaw was at the heart of Jewish culture in Europe, teeming with life in the Ghetto. Home to markets, synagogues, and Orthodox and Reformist Jews, the narrow streets clattered to the sound of horse-drawn carriages. Today, almost all of it has gone.
Your walking tour of this deserted city starts in Próżna Street, once the center of Warsaw’s Jewish society. Now divided into 2 – old and red-brick on one side, and newly-restored on the other – it provides a glimpse of a city reborn.

Visit Nozyck Synagogue to see one of the few that survived from the hundreds that were destroyed by the Nazis. As you walk through the Ghetto, you will see evidence of old walls, and the monument to the notorious footbridge over Chłodna Street. Explore Muranów, literally built on the ruins of the Ghetto.

Your guide will talk about the pressures of daily life for the Jews, and describe how their homes, businesses and lives were eventually destroyed.

Continue to locations at the center of the tragic Ghetto Uprising. See where the resistance fighters made their last suicidal stand. Look at the poignant monument to their fight. En route, you will pass the new Museum of the History of Polish Jews. We can also arrange a visit to this museum.

The tour lasts 2-2.5h.

The Jewish Cemetery