Warsaw Uprising

Tour the main attack axis of the German Army as it moved to crush 1944’s Warsaw Uprising, learning about the event’s diplomatic and military background, the strengths and weaknesses of the combatants, and the many horrific crimes the city was forced to endure.
From August 1st to October 3rd 1944, the citizens of Warsaw fended off the Nazis until eventually succumbing to their military might. The city surrendered and was systematically destroyed, with opinion still divided to this day as to whether or not the uprising was necessary or a catastrophic mistake. Nevertheless, the scars of the insurgency’s heroic defeat remain. To understand Warsaw, it is essential to understand the uprising.
The tour covers the scene of one European history’s worst massacres, Chlodna Street, before proceeding past the Hale Mirowskie, the PAST building, and the Saxon Gardens – all previous battlegrounds. Then walk through Theater Square to the Old Town, where the Germans waged a 3-week offensive to take the area.
Continuing through Miodowa Street on the way to Krasinski Square, see the monuments to the Allied aircrews and Home Army resistance movement, before the tour concludes at the entrance to the sewer in which insurgents were able to escape discreetly to other parts of the city.

The tour lasts 2-2.5h.